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There are a lot of great benefits in using a touch free car wash.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Try Touch Free Car Wash With Arco AM/PM

1. Reduce the risk of scratching your car every time you wash it by hand.

Washing your vehicle by hand (scrubbing with sponges and brushes) actually produces tiny scratches in the paint. This is caused by fine particles of dirt, sand, and slit that become trapped in your brush or sponge. By car washing at home, you are actually degrading the finish and overall value of your vehicle. The scratches produced by washing with brushes and sponges can be as deep as 10% of the thickness of the paint.

2. Protect the resale value of your car as well as the paint.

The only right solution is a touch free car wash. Automatic brushless or touchless car washes use a high pressure spray of water to remove the dirt off the surface before it is washed, and the materials used to clean the surface of the vehicle are continually being rinsed to prevent any accumulation of grit.

3. Saves 150 gallons of water each time.

Using an automatic car wash service is a good way to be environmentally conscious and help to protect the resale value of your car. Automatic car washes save water, reduce ground water pollution, preserve your car’s paint and finish, and help to retain the resale value of your vehicle. Don’t forget that washing your vehicle at home can easily use 150 gallons of water!

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